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The Internet has drastically changed how we learn and process information.

With YouTube and other online video sites, it’s easy to find a tutorial on just about anything. However, this unfettered access to information can cause students to learn less, not more. It’s a fact that information overload can result in a loss of ability to make decisions or process information.

Homeschoolers know the importance of properly presenting information to a student. Too much information, they are overloaded; too little, they are bored.

This is where a piano teacher comes in. A good teacher knows how to dole out information to a student so they are stimulated yet not overwhelmed.

According to a recent study conducted by The Research Institute of America, e-Learning has the power to increase information retention rates by up to 60%.

Improvisation is so important is because this is what allows us as pianists to express what we hear in our own mind. No two people will improvise the same way. Just like painting, dancing or acting, improvisation gives us the ability to tap into an area of our humanness that can be utterly breathtaking.

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