Course List

Level 1 Unit 1

You’ll learn how to properly grab at the piano keys, quarter notes and rests, rhythmic vocalization, dynamics piano, mezzo-forte and forte, how to improvise using licks. Bonus: F major 5-finger scale, complete F major scale. F major and minor triads. Song: Steady Fred

Level 1 Unit 2

5-finger pattern in C, dotted note explanation, dotted half note and half rest, stepping on the staff, using chords in your improvisation. Bonus: Focus on accompaniment. Introducing the steady bassline with simple licks in the right hand. Song: Cool Connor

Level 1 Unit 3

5-finger C minor scale, eighth notes, R5 chord patterns, incorporating eighth notes and C minor partial pentatonic scale. Bonus: The full C minor pentatonic scale and scale blocks. Song: Eeka’s Bouncin

Level 1 Unit 4

5-finger C blues scale with drums hands together, eighth rests and upbeats, steady bassline accompaniment, licks using partial C minor pentatonic and 5-finger blues scales. Bonus: Improvising over the steady bassline. 3 improvisation exercises. Song: Frisko The Disco

Level 1 Unit 5

C major scale hands together, C blues scale with bassline, syncopated rhythm, creating licks from rhythmic blocks, bass accompaniment pattern in major. Bonus: C major pentatonic scale and lick. C major scale with bassline accompaniment. Song: Wacky Men

Level 1 Unit 6

Major and minor 5-finger scale in A, the A major triad, using the breath for rests, bassline in A minor, playing licks along with a steady bassline. Bonus: Minor flowing piano pattern. Song: Sneaky Sue

Level 2 Unit 1

Focus on the left-hand bassline and left hand exercise, building left hand finger independence, finding upbeats in a measure, endings, melodic and rhythmic embellishment. Bonus: Improvisation over major and minor bassline pattern using pentatonic fragments, notes from the melody. C major and minor triads, sliding to create a bluesy sound. Song: Little Willie’s Strut

Level 2 Unit 2

Left hand oom-pah accompaniment pattern, broken chords, three ways to see syncopated rhythms, broken chords C, F and G, improvisation using broken chords. Bonus: Mixing together songs Little Willie’s Strut and Blues For You. Song: Blues for You

Level 2 Unit 3

Full C major scale, blocking technique for the major scale, vocalizing mixed syncopated rhythms, accompaniment patterns: triads, bassline and omm-pahs, new chords Dmin, A and G7 (dominant 7th chords), improvisation over triads. Bonus: Creating a contemporary arrangement using chords in the right hand and octaves in the left. Song: Dustin’s Da Man

Level 2 Unit 4

Alternating between left and right hand syncopated rhythms, new minor bassline accompaniment, chord symbols Amin7, F7 and E7, introduction of A harmonic minor scale, complete A blues scale, vamp and improvisation springboards, harmonic minor and blues scale blocks. Bonus: Call-and-response improvisation. Head-solo-head soloing. Song: Kimmy’s So Cool

Level 2 Unit 5

Different methods to create a triad, inversions of triads, arpeggiating triads, left and right hand syncopated rhythms, triads and melody in the right hand, active left hand bassline, comping chords along with a steady bassline. Bonus: Improvising over the improvisation section bassline using licks and lines. Song: Wonka Walk

Level 2 Unit 6

R-5-R left hand accompaniment patterns, two-hand rhythms, introducing style markings, moving between a minor and major key, staccato left hand, D.C. al Coda, D harmonic minor scale improvisation over R-5-R bassline. Bonus: Playing triads in inversions along with R-5-R bassline. Song: Mr. Fuzzems

Level 3 Unit 1

All major and minor 5-finger scales in all 12 keys, introducing triplets, finding chord symbols, determining the root of the chord, G blues scale, new licks. Bonus: Changes to the accompaniment: R5 bassline, R7 chord shells. Improvisation over the created bassline. Song: Zoeie’s Bop

Level 3 Unit 2

R5, R6, R7 chord arpeggios, style markings, triplets and syncopated rhythms, 12-bar blues in G with bassline and chords, blues notes, sliding and crushing, creating blues licks over bass pattern. Bonus: More advanced bassline pattern. Play new pattern with melody and chords. Song: Ben’s Blues

Level 3 Unit 3

R7 chord pattern with the octave in all 12 keys, vocalizing rhythms that tie into other rhythms, complete F blues scale licks over R7 bassline, how to create a 12-bar blues improvisation. Bonus: Comping 7th (block) chords in the right hand along with bassline. Song: Kerry’s (Chicken Pox) Blues

Level 3 Unit 4

Broken triads C, F and G with rhythm in all inversions, Latin music introduction, subdivision method of rhythmic vocalization, montuno rhythmic pattern with quarter note and half note pulse; broken chords and melodic phrases. Bonus: How to create your own montuno patterns. Song: Montuno Man

Level 3 Unit 5

R-5-R patterns in the left hand, how to create a chord progression, applying this new bass pattern to a chord progression that you create, using the pedals of the piano, ballad style, introducing diatonic chords and how to create an improvisation using only the F major scale, roman numeral chord analysis. Bonus: Creating an active left and right hand pattern using R-5-R bass accompaniment and chords in the right hand. Song: Finally Summer

Level 3 Unit 6

Full triad arpeggios on D, A, Bmin and G, Rock piano style, how to move the pinky with the rest of the hands for better technique, introducing voice leading, moving between triad inversions, diatonic in the key of D, analysis of the chords, creating an improvisation using chord tones and the D major scale. Bonus: where to go from here! Song: Rockin’ in D