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Let's Get Started!

The lessons are broken into 4 courses: CorePiano and Levels 1, 2, and 3.

Be patient. It takes most students a couple of years to complete HomeSchoolPiano. If you get stuck, join me in coaching and I'll be happy to help!

To get started, I would suggest:

  1. Watch the orientation video (tab to the left)
  2. Start with CorePiano if you are new to the piano, and, if not,
  3. Jump right into Level 1 (Download the music then click on Unit 1)
  4. Join in on Live Coaching to get feedback on your playing, meet other students and ask your questions!
  5. Finally, please join the HomeSchoolPiano Facebook Group and Youtube channel

See you in the lessons!


Let's Get Focused!

In this video, you'll learn...

  • How to use HomeSchoolPiano
  • Quizzes (6:47)
  • How much you should practice (7:27)
  • What equipment do I need? (10:00)
  • The music you'll learn (19:19)
  • How to use the video player (23:14)
  • What types of songs you'll learn (46:04)
  • How to participate in live sessions (56:44)

Group Coaching

The best way to improve your piano playing quickly is by participating in the bi-weekly group coaching. In these sessions I will listen to you play, answer your questions and give you direction. 

Need Help?

I need help with...

  • My Account - email us at support@jazzedge.com or click the 'help' button in the bottom-right of the page
  • Using the Site - see the orientation video (tab to the left) or read the FAQ's at the bottom of this page. We also have documentation for many other technical questions.
  • My Playing - Join in on Group Coaching every other Thursday and get feedback directly from me
  • General Questions - Did you see the FAQ's at the bottom of this page?


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Level 1

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Level 2

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Level 3

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Frequently Asked Questions

(click any question to see the answer)

Where Do I Start?

Monday, May 17th, 2021
, I want to welcome you to HomeSchoolPiano. 
A common question I get almost daily is "Where do I start?" Sometimes students write in and tell me their piano history and ask which lessons would be best for them to take and in what order.

HomeSchoolPiano has been designed to be extremely user friendly, and the program is structured as such:

  • Levels - there are 3 levels, sometimes referred to as "books"
    • Units - each unit contains 6 lessons
      • Lessons - are broken down into technique, rhythm, music reading, songs, improvisation and bonus sections
        • Quizzes - are at the end of each unit and passing the quiz earns you a certificate of completion
Every other week I hold my Group Coaching sessions where you and other students can share their playing in a supportive environment and I give feedback and suggestions.
Coaching is really the best way for me to suggest a course of practice for you. If you prefer a more private, 1-on-1 setting, I do offer private lessons.
See you in the lessons!

After becoming a member, how do I receive ongoing help?

What makes HomeSchoolPiano so special is that you get to work directly with me throughout the week.

Many other piano sites have a teacher or "personality" on the main page, but after becoming a member, you realize that all of the support is handled by a support team. Not at HomeSchoolPiano.

As a member of HomeSchoolPiano, you can work directly with me in my Group Coaching, or just watch and learn from the video lessons...you choose!

Whether you're brand new to the piano, or a seasoned player, my ongoing coaching makes it easy for you to ask questions and get answers that are recorded and easy to review on your schedule.


Can I email you my questions?

If you want to reach out to me via email, click on the 'help' icon in the bottom right of the page. Or, email me at support@jazzedge.com.

I do not answer music related questions via email for two reasons:

  1. It is extremely difficult and time consuming to write out a musical response using text. Whereas, when I'm at the piano it is much easier to SHOW you, plus you have the benefit of a recording to refer back to later. This is why I recommend asking music questions during either Office Hours or Group Coaching sessions.
  2. When I respond to a student's music question via email (text) then only that one student gets to benefit from my response.

How does group coaching work?

Group Coaching is held every other Thursday* and is the place for HomeSchoolPiano members to ask for advice on their playing. During coaching, students submit a video of their playing via chat.

Am I at the right level for coaching?

  • You can be at ANY level to join in on coaching. I answer all questions, whether beginner or advanced. You'll always learn something new and get new ideas, even if the person I'm working with at the moment is above/below your playing level.

How do I submit my video for feedback?

  • It is suggested that you upload your video to YouTube and mark it as either 'public' or 'unlisted'. Private videos can only be viewed by you. How to upload to YouTube.
  • After your video is on Youtube, you then share your video link in the chat area of Zoom.

Video submission details:

  • You are welcomed to play anything you are currently working on, have mastered, or you're looking for feedback on. This can be a lesson, an arrangement of yours, some improvising, a song you've learned elsewhere, any of the lessons on the Jazzedge site, etc...
  • Your playing does not need to be perfect! Some students prefer to wait until they have a piece down well before submitting, while others will submit videos of their ongoing process, mistakes and all. Either is fine and is left up to the student to decide.
  • Submitted videos should be 2 minutes or less. Due to the time of watching the video live and getting my feedback, I need submitted videos to be 2 min or less please!
  • Videos can not be submitted ahead of time and should be submitted via the chat window in Zoom during the coaching session.

Is there a replay of coaching?

Do I need to join every session? What happens if I miss a session?

  • LOL, this isn't like school. No attendance is taken, and coaching, while structured, is also very loose and fun.
  • You are not required to come to ANY coaching, office hours or live training sessions.
  • Alternatively, you can also come to ALL coaching, office hours and training sessions if you wish.
  • No other site (that I've seen) offers this level of live interaction with the main teacher ("The Guy") where you can get 1-on-1 feedback. If you miss a session, you can always catch the replay in the Community Forum.



*schedule subject to change, please always check the calendar for updated dates and times.

Recommended equipment for coaching


Product links:

I'm nervous to participate in coaching, is that normal?

It is normal to be nervous to participate in coaching. So, let me put your mind at ease. 

Coaching is easy-going and fun. Students on the coaching session are really helpful and supportive of one another. If a student wasn't, they would get booted off the session by me.

I've never had to remove a student from coaching. Everyone is supportive!

If you're nervous to begin coaching, try joining a session and just watch the first few times to get a feel for the session.

Remember, you do not need to share your camera or audio during the session if you don't want to. Sometimes students join in while doing other things so they turn off their camera and just watch and listen to the session.

Having worked with hundreds of students in coaching, I have the unique perspective of being able to see just how much online, real time coaching helps students to improve their playing.

Do I need to be an advanced player to participate in coaching?

No. The coaching is all-inclusive. Students of all levels are welcomed to participate in the live coaching sessions.

Why? Well, I used to have different coaching sessions for different levels but I found that I was answering the same questions in each group. I also found that even though a student was advanced (or a beginner) that they benefited from hearing my responses to other students...even if the material were too easy or hard. 

For these reasons I've found coaching with all levels to work extremely well, and now that I've been doing coaching this way for over 5 years I've found students are making incredible progress in their playing.

What's the difference between Office Hours and Coaching?

Office Hours are held most Wednesdays* and are a great opportunity for anyone to ask me a music-related question LIVE. The same Zoom software is used to connect to Office Hours.

Group Coaching is held every other Thursday* for HomeSchoolPiano members to ask for advice on their playing. During coaching, students submit a video of their playing (See "How Coaching Works" below) and I give them feedback on how to improve their performance and what to practice next.

Coaching is the only time that I give feedback on a student's playing. In other words, I don't accept student videos during Office Hours, only during coaching. Office Hours are for general music questions, help with the site, etc. Coaching is for help with your playing.

*schedule subject to change, please always check the calendar for updated dates and times.

I'm looking for more advanced lessons

HomeSchoolPiano is designed to take absolute beginners up to an intermediate playing level. This means, after completing HomeSchoolPiano, students can read music, improvise, create their own compositions and have an improved ear and theory knowledge.

After completing HomeSchoolPiano, I suggest that you move on to my full Jazzedge program which will serve you for years and years to come.

Some adults students study at both HomeSchoolPiano and Jazzedge simultaneously. However, I would encourage most students to be patient and work through the lessons at HomeSchoolPiano before diving into Jazzedge to avoid getting overwhelmed.


Piano lessons for the entire family. Great for absolute beginners or those who are coming back to the piano.
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