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*We no longer ship DVDs or workbooks; everything can be downloaded if you’re a Lifetime Member.

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  • Our homeschool piano lessons are designed for the absolute beginner to learn piano at home. Even if you’ve never touched a piano, it is easy to get started with HomeSchoolPiano.
  • You start with our CorePiano™ lessons which were created especially for beginners. In our CorePiano lessons, you will learn how to properly identify the notes of the piano, how to hold your hands, you’ll even learn how to read music!
  • If you choose to become a Lifetime member, the program is a one-time fee. This means you only pay once and you own it forever.
  • Lifetime members can download all videos, audio and sheet music to your computer. Remember, once you purchase…you own it!
  • We have detailed tracking of progress and piano quiz scores for up to 5 students per master account. This means the entire family can learn for one low price.
  • The lessons are broken into 3 books, then further broken down into 6 units per book to make it easy to learn at your own pace.
  • Yes! We have a free trial so you can try out the lessons before you purchase the program.
  • No special equipment is necessary. All of the lessons play like a standard video on the web.
  • Read reviews of HomeSchoolPiano and see why students of all levels love learaning the piano at HomeSchoolPiano. See for yourself why our easy piano lessons produce such big results.

Developing Musicians, Not Just Pianists!

HomeSchoolPiano is different than other piano methods because we focus on developing the entire musician. Far too often students learn only to read music and their musical ear suffers. HomeSchoolPiano develops the ear, reading and compositional skills of each student equally which makes them a better pianist and a full musician.

This process makes it easy for both beginners and adults to learn the piano in their home using the recorded video, sheet music and quizzes. 

Students access all of the HomeSchoolPiano content directly through our website. The program is divided into three “books” which are PDF files that you can download and print. Each book is further divided into 6 units. Each unit contains a lesson on:

  1. Technique – where you’ll learn how to play faster and more accurately
  2. Rhythm – think you have bad rhythm? You won’t after these lessons!
  3. Ear Training – train your ear to hear melodies, rhythms and chords with ease
  4. Reading – learn how to read music faster and learn how to create your own accompaniments using techniques I’ve learned from years of training
  5. Song – learn to play really fun songs that are catchy and turn heads
  6. Improvisation – unlock your creative side and create your own music
  7. Bonus – each unit includes an extra bonus section for students to learn advanced techniques. This is particularly useful for advanced students

Each unit is about 60- to 80-minutes of video lessons. It takes most students 2-3 years to complete the entire system.

Easy for Beginners and Adults

You begin with CorePiano™, a collection over over 30 lessons that teach you piano essentials. These lessons are created with the beginner in mind. If you are brand new to the piano or coming back after a break, these lessons will help you succeed at the piano.

Book 1 designed for the absolute beginner piano students, featuring six original pieces that are fun to play and practice. You’ll learn how to read music, improvise and create your own music. Each unit improves your piano skills with graded quizzes.

Book 2 continues where Book 1 left off, working through rhythm, technique, music reading, songs and improvisation. If you have some piano training under your belt, Book 2 is a great place to improve your skills.

Book 3 is where you’ll learn how to create rich piano arrangements. By incorporating original pieces in a variety of musical styles, Book 3 helps you become a well-rounded pianist, ready for the next challenge.

A Hit With Kids & Parents

HomeSchoolPiano Awards

What makes HomeSchoolPiano unique for us is the instructor, Willie. He obviously enjoys music, and his enthusiasm is contagious. He isn’t a dry instructor that comes across as a drill sergeant. He loves music and wants to inspire others to “unlock the pianist within.”


I am loving HomeSchoolPiano! I love the encouragement to have fun and be creative, and the broad base of skills being taught.


HomeSchoolPiano has given me the ability to learn piano comfortably.  I found HomeSchoolPiano to be a top-notch piano learning program for children and adults.


With today’s technology, I realized I could use video and the web to deliver my lessons to students and help them learn the piano from home. Since HomeSchoolPiano lessons are all video-based (this means you see your teacher in the video) students are able to learn more effectively than by using software.

HomeSchoolPiano adapts to how the student learns. If the student is in ‘drive mode’ and is excited about learning, they don’t have to wait till the next lesson to move forward. The videos and quizzes are ready for them at any time.

However, if the student is busy with other activities, vacationing or core academics need more attention right now, no problem. The lessons are always there waiting for them to return. Best of all students can login from anywhere.

Every time a student logs in at HomeSchoolPiano, they can see exactly where they left off. Wether it be a day or a week, the student can always pick up exactly where they left off.

Going on vacation? No problem! There is no private lesson to cancel, no bill to pay.

Find you learn best at 7am? No problem! Since the lessons are always available, always waiting for you, you can learn any time of day or night.

Worried about needing special equipment? I’m happy to say you don’t need any! The HomeSchoolPiano program works perfectly with any computer (including tablets) and any piano or keyboard is fine.

Convenient and Cost Effective

Private piano lessons can get expensive. On average, it costs $99 per-month for private piano lessons. HomeSchoolPiano gives you 2-3 years of video-based lessons which would cost upwards of $2,376 with a private teacher. Multiply this by more than one student per household and it can be costly.

We are strong supporters of private piano teachers. However, we know that the time and cost involved with private instruction does not always fit into a family’s budget. HomeSchoolPiano gives you the freedom to learn the piano at any time of day or night from the comfort of your home. Best of all, you get to go at your own pace.

Often students feel embarrassed or nervous playing in front of their teacher. Our lessons remove this barrier to learning by making the lessons easy, fun and engaging for beginners and adults without being stressful. Need to see something played for the 100th time? No problem, just rewind and play it again!

Our virtual keyboard makes seeing what is being played a snap. You will see every single note played light up along with the note name right above the piano keyboard.

We all love this program! In the short time we have been using it, my girls have gone from pecking at keys, to playing with both hands. They are learning to “hear” the notes, read music and more. I would gladly pay for this again and again. I have shared this with several friends, homeschoolers and those who send their kids to public school.

Stephanie B.

Homeschoolbuyers Co-op Member


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If you have been putting off learning the piano or you’ve been looking for that system that will really unlock the music within, I encourage you to take a look at HomeSchoolPiano.

If you’re not completely satisfied with the program, contact us within 30-days for a full, no-questions-asked, credit toward any other lesson in our library.

This program is for anyone who wants to be successful at the piano. Kids…or adults!