After seriously neglecting any kind of piano practice for years, I’m really enjoying my lessons and practicing new techniques.


While this piano program was created with homeschool students in mind, I believe students in public school or even adults would benefit from these videos.


HomeschoolPiano is a great product. One thing that stood out for me was that Willie isn’t teaching how to play a certain song to ‘memorize’ it. He is teaching his students how to play the piano in a way that will allow for a great deal of growth and creativity from the player through the long haul.


Willie is a good teacher, and it’s nice that we’re able to do lessons on our schedule. Having the ability to check their progress from anywhere is very beneficial…we will continue with HomeSchoolPiano lessons. It sure is convenient!


The customer service for HomeSchoolPiano is excellent!


One of the first things that I really liked about HomeSchoolPiano was that the subscription is a lifetime subscription AND you do not have to chose one level, you get access to all of the levels…being able to view the lessons on a mobile device such as tablet is a great feature. You can see everything the instructor is doing on the screen including every note played and labeled. When you start at the core piano level, you are really taught everything right from the beginning, no prior knowledge is needed. It is just as if you are bringing an instructor right into your home.


Our opinion of HomeSchoolPiano is that if you want to give yourself or your children piano lessons ~ this is THE way to go!


I don’t have to drive anywhere. I don’t have to pay for 30-45 minute weekly lessons with a teacher I don’t know – with lessons that seem to consist of too much time wasted with checking answers in workbooks than teaching.


I love that so many different aspects of music are included all in one package.


I liked their approach. I liked the pace. I liked the content. I liked that they taught more than just reading music. I loved the ease of being able to take lessons whenever we wanted.



Piano lessons for the entire family. Great for absolute beginners or those who are coming back to the piano.
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