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Frequently Asked Questions:

Is this program for kids or adults?

HomeSchoolPiano is for beginners...kids or adults. If you're brand new to the piano (been playing less than 6 months) then HomeSchoolPiano will be perfect for you. If you already have some piano skill, check out our main Jazzedge membership instead.

I'm an absolute beginner, never played piano, is HSP right for me?

Absolutely! In fact, our CorePiano™ program is included with your membership. CorePiano features 4 hours of step-by-step lessons on the notes of the piano, basic rhythms, how to sit at the piano and more fundamentals to get you started the right way.

Do I need special equipment or a real piano?

No. Any basic keyboard will do. Also, nothing connects to your piano or keyboard. There is no special computer equipment that is required. And, if needed, inside the member's area I share with you some different keyboard/piano options if interested.

How is HomeSchoolPiano structured?

HomeSchoolPiano is divided into (3) Books or "Levels."

Within each level you'll find (6) units.

Each unit has 6 lessons along with a quiz. When you pass the quiz you will receive a certificate. Quizzes are timed and you can only take them 2x.

Download a PDF Unit Summary.

How does HomeSchoolPiano compare to ABRSM or Royal Academy

ABSRM and Royal Academy grades and exams usually test students in 4 areas: Pieces, Sight-reading, Scales and an Aural exam. While HomeSchoolPiano does not teach traditional classical pieces and instead uses a mix of original and traditional songs, you will learn how to read music, play scales, theory, ear training (aural skills) and more importantly...improvisation.

HomeSchoolPiano is different than other methods because improvisation and the student's creativity are developed and focused upon more than traditional piano programs.

See the HomeSchoolPiano Unit Summary to see what students learn at each level.

Should I start with HomeSchoolPiano or Jazzedge ?

Jazzedge® and No Bull Piano™ are larger lesson libraries that are for typically for more advanced students.

While students at any level can benefit from Jazzedge/NBP, it is suggested that students that are brand new to the instrument (never played piano before or have less than 6 months of practice) begin with HomeSchoolPiano first.

I want to learn ___ style of music. Will HSP help?

The songs found in HomeSchoolPiano range in style. We have songs that sound like blues or jazz, while other songs have a classical or latin feel. the style of music is less important because the concepts that you are learning are applicable to all styles of music.

How many credits will I earn with HomeSchoolPiano?

You'll earn a certificate for each unit that you complete. You can take these certificates back to your homeschool organization for credit transferral.

What if I need more help?

Every week Willie has live office hours so you can drop in and ask your questions. Using live video-conferencing software (which is free to download) you can interact with Willie several times throughout the month.

There is also a 'help' button at the bottom-right of every page where you can contact us if you need additional help.


Piano lessons for the entire family. Great for absolute beginners or those who are coming back to the piano.
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