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Have you been putting off piano lessons for your family?

Haven’t found the right piano teacher or your perhaps your current teacher moved away or stopped teaching?

Maybe, like many other families, you’re questioning spending hundreds of dollars each month on private piano lessons?

For these reasons many families are turning to online piano lessons. Not only for the convenience…but also the cost savings.

Each year, families spend thousands of dollars for one-on-one piano lessons. This cost becomes a burden on some families and causes them to stop lessons altogether. This made me think…

There’s got to be a better solution for families, right?

After all, there is nothing worse for a piano student than to start lessons, be working toward a goal, then have that resource taken away. This could be due to time, money or maybe their teacher just moves away!

Or, what about the student who doesn’t practice every week?


It’s a fact that traditional learning modes are changing in our Internet-connected world. It has become easier than ever before in human history to learn on our own schedule.

The way we learn is cyclical. Sometimes we are really focused and driving hard, but at other times we need a mental break and we kind of ‘check out’ for a while till the cycle starts again.

It’s impossible to have 100% focus all of the time when we are lerning. As parents we see these cycles in our children and know when they are at the top of their game, and well, when they are not.

I am loving HomeSchoolPiano! I love the encouragement to have fun and be creative, and the broad base of skills being taught. — Kym, Homeschool Coffee Break

With today’s technology, I realized I could use video and the web to deliver my lessons to students and help them learn the piano from home. Since HomeSchoolPiano lessons are all video-based (this means you see your teacher in the video) students are able to learn more effectively than by using software.

HomeSchoolPiano adapts to how the student learns. If the student is in ‘drive mode’ and is excited about learning, they don’t have to wait till the next lesson to move forward. The videos and quizzes are ready for them at any time.

However, if the student is busy with other activities, vacationing or core academics need more attention right now, no problem. The lessons are always there waiting for them to return. Best of all students can login fromanywhere.

Every time a student logs in at HomeSchoolPiano, they can see exactly where they left off. Wether it be a day or a week, the student can always pick up exactly where they left off.

Going on vacation? No problem! There is no private lesson to cancel, no bill to pay.

Find you learn best at 7am? No problem! Since the lessons are always available, always waiting for you, you can learn any time of day or night.

Worried about needing special equipment? I’m happy to say you don’t need any! The HomeSchoolPiano program works perfectly with any computer (including tablets) and any piano or keyboard is fine.

HomeSchoolPiano is a pay-once-own-it-for-life program. This means you own HomeSchoolPiano and there are no monthly fees.

HomeSchoolPiano is a great deal full price. At $299 it is a super deal. After all, for that price you get piano lessons for up to 6 people in your house! The math is easy. Piano lessons usually cost around $20-30 per lesson. That’s upwards of $400 per month for piano lessons.

In one month’s time, HomeSchoolPiano easily pays for itself but you continue to get access to all of the lessons and quizzes for life!

My student’s mom, Jennifer, summed it up best:

“It’s an excellent program all around. it encourages creative thought by teaching how to read music and create your own music. It also helps train your ear, encourages improvisation, and at the same time is full of musical theory that is needed to be able to read and play music at all levels. Practical, simple and engaging…What a winner!!” — Jennifer, A “Peace” of Mind

HomeSchoolPiano’s 6-step program is a unique blend of traditional piano technique along with creative improvisation and composition lessons.

HSP piano students develop into full pianists that are comfortable playing by ear or reading music.

Here are the main points which make HomeSchoolPiano the right choice for your family:

  • You learn how to be creative…not just read “stuffy” music
  • I show you how to read music too! (This way you’re a FULL pianist)
  • You get to keep all lessons (download them to your computer or stream them)
  • Detailed records are kept for each student which allows you (the parent) to see what they’re learning
  • Quizzes for every unit assess what you’ve learned
  • You get unlimited usage of the site after purchase
  • Comment on the lessons and interact with other students
  • Pay once…own it for life. The lessons are always available to you!

Learning The Piano Has To Be Fun. Let’s face it, if kids are not playing fun stuff at the piano, they’re much more likely to want to quit. Our HomeSchoolPiano songs have been designed to teach students a wide range of styles including classical, jazz, blues and latin.

This diverse collection of musical genres allows for new learning opportunities. For example, when learning a blues song, you might decide to learn about blues musicians like Otis Spann, Robert Johnson and Bessie Smith.

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