I have to tell you that after some 3 weeks of following these home school piano lessons I think I have learned more than 6 years of personalized piano lessons. Truth be told I think I practiced more in the last three weeks than I did my last year of piano lessons. No disrespect to Felix Mendelssohn or Beethoven I prefer jazz and the blues.


It’s an excellent program all around. it encourages creative thought by teaching how to read music and create your own music. It also helps train your ear, encourages improvisation, and at the same time is full of musical theory that is needed to be able to read and play music at all levels. Practical, simple and engaging…What a winner!!


What makes HomeSchoolPiano unique for us is the instructor, Willie. He obviously enjoys music, and his enthusiasm is contagious. He isn’t a dry instructor that comes across as a drill sergeant. He loves music and wants to inspire others to “unlock the pianist within.”


I am loving HomeSchoolPiano! I love the encouragement to have fun and be creative, and the broad base of skills being taught.


Seriously, this is a keeper. When you compare the price of this to individual lessons, the price can’t be beat.


The “portability” of these lessons has been one of my favorite things.


HomeSchoolPiano has given me the ability to learn piano comfortably. I found HomeSchoolPiano to be a top-notch piano learning program for children and adults.


Anywhere you have internet access — a laptop, a tablet, even a smartphone! — and a piano or keyboard, you can have piano lessons.


I am extremely impressed with the quality of the lessons, the easy-to-use website, and the way that music is made simple and fun to learn.

Lisa Marie

Willie has an engaging personality in the videos, and he speaks directly to the student as if they’re sitting right there with him.



Piano lessons for the entire family. Great for absolute beginners or those who are coming back to the piano.
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