Piano Lessons for Beginners

No matter your age, or skill level, if you want to learn the piano, HomeSchoolPiano is the perfect solution for you
...even if you're an absolute beginner.
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Why Choose HSP?

HomeSchoolPiano has been designed to teach even absolute beginners how to play the piano. Built on solid methodology that integrates throughout all 18 units, the rhythms and technique that you learn at the beginning of each unit carry over into the reading, song and improvisation learned later in the unit.

HomeSchoolPiano is different than other piano methods because we focus on developing the entire musician. Far too often students learn only to read music and their musical ear suffers. HomeSchoolPiano develops the ear, reading, improvisation and composition skills of each student equally which makes them a better pianist and a full musician.

What Kind of Songs Will I Learn?

At HomeSchoolPiano you'll learn easy to intermediate songs ranging in styles from blues to jazz and rock to classical-type songs. 

Regardless of style, these songs teach you techniques that you can use in ANY style of music like worship, gospel, pop and more.

Here are some examples of the songs you'll learn: 

Book 1 - Unit 4 "Frisko The Disco"

Book 3 - Unit 4 "Montuno Man"

Book 3 - Unit 5 "Finally Summer"

Book 3 - Unit 6 "Rockin in D" "Canon in D"

How Does HomeSchoolPiano Work?

After becoming a member, you will login to your dashboard and begin working through the video lessons. HomeSchoolPiano lessons follow a step-by-step learning cycle that has been proven to help students learn the piano faster.

What Others Say About HomeSchoolPiano

Myette has an excellent teaching manner. He tells students to gradually increase their practice time rather than demanding long practice sessions from the very beginning. He suggests different ways of doing things that might be easier for some students. He encourages persistence, yet he also tells students that if they just aren’t getting something after trying a few times, they can skip it and come back to it later...

...Quizzes are ingeniously designed to actually test students’ ability to read music. For instance, one quiz has an audio recording of just one measure of music. Then the quiz shows two different measures of written music, and the student has to identify which one they heard. You can see from the content of each unit the comprehensiveness of Myette’s approach

Read the full review here.

”We are extremely impressed with Homeschool Piano. My son has had private lessons for three years but with COVID and changes in our finances, private lessons are not an option. We just completed the free trail of Homeschool Piano and I am so grateful such an excellent program is offered!! My son will not lose the traction he has gained. Willie is an exceptional teacher and it translates online. We are purchasing the program!”

— Loren M.
”My children had been taking piano lessons for three months privately when quarantine started. Not wanting to lose momentum, I was excited to see the free access to HomeSchoolPiano and thought it would get them through for a bit until things settled down, but then they loved it! I saw huge improvements in their playing and much better understanding of music and sight reading. This program is strong in every area, but what makes it unique is the teaching how to improvise. It piqued my kids' interest and they really began to enjoy lessons as never before. They even play when it isn't their required practice time each day! We bought the classes before we knew that quarantine would continue for so long, and plan to continue HomeSchoolPiano and scrap the lessons they were taking before. It is an incredible deal--they still get weekly, or more, group lessons to ask questions or learn "in person," and they are loving their lessons!”

— Wendy L.
”This program was very well organized and thought out. The kids liked they could see the teacher but also could see the keys like they were looking at them. It is organized into small 'chunks' to give a lot of flexibility for different kids' learning styles. This was my first look at an online class but didn't feel I needed to look at others.”

— L. Goff

Works On All Devices...


We Begin By Learning Proper Technique

Each step of the way, you'll have 24/7 access to our step-by-step videos that show you everything in HD detail. We begin with proper piano technique because without it, you will always hit a "wall" in your piano playing. 

Next, We Focus On Rhythm 

Rhythm is the engine that drives music. Without proper rhythm your playing will sound "off." We fix this by learning a vocalization approach invented by HomeSchoolPiano creator, Willie Myette.

We Also Learn To Read Music

You'll learn how to improve your ears if you like to 'play by ear' but you'll also learn how to read music! This important skill allows you to play virtually any song at the piano or keyboard.

We Also Learn Fun Songs

The song will be broken down for you step-by-step so you can easily watch the video to learn the song. Combined with the rhythm, technique and music reading lessons earlier in the unit, it is easy to learn the song because all of the elements have been properly prepared for you. We learn songs in a variety of styles including blues, jazz, classical, pop and latin.

You'll Learn How To Improvise & Create

Improvisation is when you create music on the spot. Anyone can learn to improvise and compose. At HomeSchoolPiano we believe that a full musician is one who feels comfortable reading music...or improvising their own music. You'll learn, step-by-step how to create your own melodies and music.

"Extra Credit" Bonus Sections

For those students looking for a little 'extra' we have included bonus videos at the end of each unit. These optional bonus lessons are a perfect resource for students who already have some piano background, who find the material too easy, or are looking for more advanced material to practice. 

Take Your Piano Lessons Everywhere You Go!

With HomeSchoolPiano, you can learn on any device, be it a phone, tablet, laptop or computer.

And, since you can take quizzes and watch lessons, you can take your piano lessons anywhere you go!

HomeSchoolPiano Students:

Faheem playing Kerry's Blues
(From Book 2)
Abigail playing Zoeie's Bop 
(From Book 3)

Flexible Pricing

All HomeSchoolPiano plans offer the same level of access, the same videos and resources. However, our family plans allow families track up to 5 students within the same household. This flexible pricing model assures you only pay for what you need.


Access to all lessons for 1 student
Individual tracking
Sheet music, Quizzes and Backing Tracks
Flashcards and other resources
Cancel anytime in your account area


Access to all lessons for up to 5 students
Master account to track student progress
Pay only for what you need
Individual tracking for each student
Sheet music, Quizzes and Backing Tracks
Flashcards and other resources
Cancel anytime in your account area

Frequently Asked Questions:

What's the difference between Solo and Family plans?

Both Solo and Family plans have the same access. This means both plans can access all of the video lessons, sheet music and resources.

The only difference between Solo and Family plans is the amount of students the system will track.

With a Solo plan, the system will only track the progress of (1) student. Depending on the Family plan you choose, you can track up to 5 students.

Read the next FAQ for information about student tracking...

Can an entire family use a Solo plan?

You can if you don't care about tracking individual student progress.

The only difference between the Solo and Family plans is the number of students the system will keep track of. 

For example, with the Family + 2 Student plan, the system will keep individual records for each student (two in this example). Each student logs into the site using their own unique username and password which is setup by the Master account holder. When students take the quizzes and do the lessons, the system will track their progress. This tracking is really important if you are looking to gain credit through your local homeschool organization.

As a 'Master' account holder, you can see each individual student's progress to see what they have completed, their scores, and what's left to complete.

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes, it is easy to cancel your account in just 2 clicks from your dashboard. You do not need to contact us to cancel your account and there are no contracts.

Is there a money-back guarantee?

We offer a 30-day Piano Success Guarantee™. If at any time within the first 30 days you are not completely satisfied with the lessons, write in to us and we will be happy to apply the balance of what you've paid toward any other membership or lesson download. 

Please note, this is not a money-back guarantee. Instead, this guarantee allows you to use your unused balance* to study through a different set of lessons. For example, you can try HomeSchoolPiano to start and if you find the lessons too easy, write in to us and we could always move your balance paid to our Jazzedge site.

If you have questions about this policy, please feel free to contact us at support@jazzedge.com before ordering.

*unused balance means the prorated amount left. For easy math, let's say you paid $100 for 100 days. If you write in to us on day 20, you'll have $80 left.

What happens if I cancel before my term is up?

You can cancel at any time from within your account. When you cancel, this will stop the automatic billing, so you will not be billed again. 

For example, if you order a yearly membership on April 1st and cancel May 1st, you will still be able to access the site until April 1st the following year.

We can not apply the balance of your time to another site, nor do we offer refunds for unused time. However, you keep the time you paid for and can continue to use the site.

Is this program for kids or adults?

HomeSchoolPiano is for beginners...kids or adults. If you're brand new to the piano (been playing less than 6 months) then HomeSchoolPiano will be perfect for you. If you already have some piano skill, check out our main Jazzedge membership instead.

What is the best age to begin HomeSchoolPiano?

HomeSchoolPiano is for beginners to the piano, regardless of age. Students as young as 6 have been through the program. Of course, the younger the student, the more involvement they will need from their parent to navigate the site, etc.

Many adults start here at HomeSchoolPiano then 'graduate' to my larger Jazzedge or No Bull Piano programs.

I'm an absolute beginner, never played piano, is HomeSchoolPiano right for me?

Absolutely! In fact, our CorePiano™ program is included with your membership. CorePiano features 4 hours of step-by-step lessons on the notes of the piano, basic rhythms, how to sit at the piano and more fundamentals to get you started the right way.

Do I need special equipment? Do I need a piano or a keyboard?

No special equipment is required. Any basic keyboard will do. Also, nothing connects to your piano or keyboard. There is no special computer equipment that is required. And, if needed, inside the member's area I share with you some different keyboard/piano options if interested.

You do not need an acoustic piano to use HomeSchoolPiano. A digital keyboard is perfectly fine for the lessons.

How is HomeSchoolPiano structured?

HomeSchoolPiano is divided into (3) Books or "Levels."

Within each level you'll find (6) units.

Each unit has 6 lessons along with a quiz. When you pass the quiz you will receive a certificate. Quizzes are timed and you can only take them 2x.

Download a PDF Unit Summary.

How does HomeSchoolPiano compare to ABRSM or Royal Academy

ABSRM and Royal Academy grades and exams usually test students in 4 areas: Pieces, Sight-reading, Scales and an Aural exam. While HomeSchoolPiano does not teach traditional classical pieces and instead uses a mix of original and traditional songs, you will learn how to read music, play scales, theory, ear training (aural skills) and more importantly...improvisation.

HomeSchoolPiano is different than other methods because improvisation and the student's creativity are developed and focused upon more than traditional piano programs.

See the HomeSchoolPiano Unit Summary to see what students learn at each level.

Should I start with HomeSchoolPiano or Jazzedge ?

Jazzedge® and No Bull Piano™ are larger lesson libraries that are for typically for more advanced students.

While students at any level can benefit from Jazzedge/NBP, it is suggested that students that are brand new to the instrument (never played piano before or have less than 6 months of practice) begin with HomeSchoolPiano first.

Can I upgrade to Jazzedge later?

Absolutely. If you want to upgrade to Jazzedge® or No Bull Piano™ at a later date, we can prorate your unused HomeSchoolPiano membership toward a Jazzedge membership. Contact us before ordering as we will do this from our administrative side.

I want to learn ___ style of music. Will HomeSchoolPiano help?

The songs found in HomeSchoolPiano range in style. We have songs that sound like blues or jazz, while other songs have a classical or latin feel. the style of music is less important because the concepts that you are learning are applicable to all styles of music.

How many credits will I earn with HomeSchoolPiano?

You'll earn a certificate for each unit that you complete. You can take these certificates back to your homeschool organization for credit transferral.

What if I need more help?

There is a 'help' button at the bottom-right of every page where you can contact us if you need any account-related help.


Piano lessons for the entire family. Great for absolute beginners or those who are coming back to the piano.
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