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I want to welcome you to HomeSchoolPiano.

A common question I get almost daily is "Where do I start?" Sometimes students write in and tell me their piano history and ask which lessons would be best for them to take and in what order.

HomeSchoolPiano has been designed to be extremely user friendly, and the program is structured as such:

Levels - there are 3 levels, sometimes referred to as "books." Each level is divided into 6 units which contain 6 lessons each. In total there are over a 100 lessons. See the structure of the program here.

Lessons - are broken down into technique, rhythm, music reading, songs, improvisation and bonus sections

Quizzes - are at the end of each unit and passing the quiz earns you a certificate of completion

See you in the lessons!


Piano lessons for the entire family. Great for absolute beginners or those who are coming back to the piano.
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